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BBC micro:bit v2.21 GO

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The BBC micro:bit v2.21 GO is a bundle for the NEW BBC micro:bit v2.21 which contains 1x BBC micro:bit v2.21 board, 1 micro USB cable (30cm), 1 Battery Cage and 2x AAA Batteries.

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The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized codeable computer which is super easy to use and can be used across the curriculum, not just STEM subjects. It is a great programmable platform for anyone of any age. The simplicity of the micro:bit makes it an easy starting point for early year groups but it can also be a powerful tool for experienced coders, it can be coded with JavaScript, MicroPython, Microsoft Block Editor and Microsoft Touch Develop.

What's in the Box!

BBC micro:bit v2 board1x BBC micro:bit v2.21 board with Quick Start Guide - A pocket-sized codeable computer which is super easy to use and can be used across the curriculum.
Micro USB Cables 30cm1x Micro USB Cables 30cm - A Micro USB Data & Sync Charger Cable Cord.
Battery Cage1x Battery Cage - The JST connector easily plugs into the BBC microbit to provide a portable power supply.
AAA Batteries2x AAA Batteries - Long lasting, dependable power across a wide range of everyday applications.


The micro:bit v2.21 has a lot of features, like 25 red LED lights on the front of it which can flash messages. There are two programmable buttons that can be programed to control games or even pause and skip songs on a playlist. It can detect motion and tell you which direction you're heading by its built in accelerometer and magnetometer, and it can use a low energy Bluetooth connection to connect and interact with other devices and the internet. The micro:bit v2.21 now comes with a built in microphone which can be used to sense sound, a speaker for making sounds and a touch sensitive logo which can be coded to respond to your touch.

BBC micro:bit Rotating GIF


What's New with BBC micro:bit
  • NEW Microphone: Sense sound and transform projects with the microphone.
  • NEW Power Indicator
  • NEW Speaker: Make sound and bring your micro:bit to life with the speaker. 
  • NEW Notched Edge Connector: Connecting Alligator Clips has never been easier. The new notched design allows you to connect the clips from above and keeps it securely clipped to the board.
  • NEW Touch Sensitive Logo: Program the god micro:bit logo to respond to your touch.
  • NEW Power Off: You can now power you micro:bit off by simply pushing and holding down the power button.
  • 25 individually-programmable LEDs: The micro:bit has 25 individually-programmable LEDs, allowing you to display text, numbers, and images.
  • 2 programmable buttons: There are two buttons on the front of the micro:bit (labelled A and B). You can detect when these buttons are pressed, allowing you to trigger code on the device.
  • Physical connection pins: There are 25 external connectors on the edge connector of the micro:bit, which we refer to as 'pins'. Program motors, LEDs, or other electrical components with the pins, or connect extra sensors to control your code!
  • Light sensor: By reversing the LEDs of the screen to become an input, the LED screen works as a basic light sensor, allowing you to detect ambient light.
  • Temperature sensor: This sensor allows the micro:bit to detect the current temperature of the device, in degrees and Celsius.
  • Accelerometer: An accelerometer measures the acceleration of your micro:bit; this component senses when the micro:bit is moved. It can also detect other actions, e.g. shake, tilt, and free-fall.
  • Wireless Communication, via Radio: The radio feature allows you to communicate wirelessly between micro:bits. Use the radio to send messages to other micro:bits, build multiplayer games, and much more!
  • Wireless Communication, via Bluetooth: BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) allows the micro:bit to control phones and tablets over Bluetooth. This communication works both ways, so you can also send code to your micro:bit wirelessly from your phone using one of our apps. Other apps, such as Swift Playgrounds and Scratch, use Bluetooth to talk to the micro:bit.
  • USB interface: The USB interface allows you to connect the micro:bit to your computer via a micro-USB cable, which will power the device and allow you to download programs onto the micro:bit.


MakeCode Editor

micro:bit MakeCode Programming

The MakeCode editor provided by Microsoft makes it easy to program your micro:bit with blocks and JavaScript.

micro:bit has recently updated their editor, with the previous version still available for anyone that needs it. If you have any issues accessing the editor, check that it isn't blocked in your school.

MakeCode Editor Resources

Python Editor

micro:bit Python Programming

Our Python editor is perfect for those who want to push their coding skills further. A selection of snippets and a range of premade images and music give you a helping hand with your code. Powered by the global Python Community.

Python Editor Resources


Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play Get if from Microsoft Swift Playground

  • Size: approx. 5cm x 4cm
  • Weight: 8g
  • Processor: Nordic Semiconductor nRF52833
  • Memory: 512kB Flash, 128kB RAM
  • Interface: NXP KL27Z, 32kB RAM
  • Microphone: MEMS microphone and LED indicator
  • Speaker: On board speaker
  • Logo Touch: Touch sensitive logo pin
  • Edge Connector: 25 pins. 4 dedicated GPIO, PWM, i2c, SPI and ext. power. 3 ring pins for connecting crocodile clips/banana plugs. Notched for easier connection. The micro:bit can read values from sensors and control things like motors or robots
  • I2C: Dedicated I2C Bus for peripherals
  • Wireless: 2.4Ghz Micro:bit Radio/BLE Bluetooth 5.0
  • Power: 5V via Micro USB port, 3V via edge connector or battery pack, LED power indicator, Power off (push and hold power button)
  • Current Available: 200mA available for accessories
  • Motion Sensor:  ST LSM 303. On-board motion detector or 3-AXIS digital accelerometer that can detect movement e.g. shake, tilt or free-fall and use it to control motion activated games
  • A 5x5 LED matrix with 25 red LEDs to light up and can display animiated patterns, scrolling text and alphanumeric characters
  • Two programmable buttons. Use them as a games controller, or control music on a smart phone
  • Micro-USB controller: This is controlled by a separate processor and presents the micro:bit to a computer as a memory stick
  • System LED x 1 yellow
  • System push button switch x 1
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Download our Updated BBC micro:bit Accessory Guide

How do I update .hex files for the bbc micro:bit v2?

The editors and apps are being updated over the coming weeks and are currrently in beta. When they are released, you should update any compiled .hex files that you host as part of your resources. To do this, simply drag and drop them into the editor in which they were created and then download the .hex file.

Universal Hex Note that the updated file will be ~1.8Mb as opposed to ~700Kb in size. This increase in size means that the hex file can be used on any board revision and is called a Universal Hex file.

How do I enable Bluetooth BLE?

A hex file that enables all micro:bit Bluetooth services is available to use for testing BLE. Download the updated version of the BLE all services hex.

Do the code editors work with both the v1 & v2 micro:bits?

The editors will support both versions simultaneously for features common to both boards, for example the motion sensor, LEDs, buttons etc.

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BBC micro:bit v2.21 GO

$30.80 inc GST