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BBC micro:bit

The best tool for learning coding, electronics and robotics just got an upgrade!

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BBC micro:bit is affordable


At around $30 the BBC micro:bit is affordable for all students enabling them to participate in the digital world!

Code the BBC micro:bit Muliple Coding Languages

Multiple Coding Languages

Microbit teaches you to code using Microsoft MakeCode, Python, Javascript and Scratch!

BBC micro:bit is Backed by a Strong Educated Community

Strong Community

Access exceptional curriculum materials, training programmes and resources for free!

BBC micro:bit

What is a micro:bit?

The BBC micro:bit is one of the world‘s smallest and most affordable programmable computers made for education. The BBC microbit is suitable for students and makers of all ages and abilities. It’s easy to use, affordable, robust, codable with Scratch, MakeCode, Javascript and Python, and can be easily extended with a huge range of kits and accessories. There’s not much you can’t make with a BBC micro:bit!

BBC micro:bit Diagram with Features

micro:bit Features

The new and improved BBC micro:bit V2.21 has some great new features including a microphone, speaker and touch sensitive logo, and useful improvements including power indicator, notched edge connector for easier use of alligator clips and a power off button. Features shared with the version 1 can be found below.

  • 25 individually-programmable LEDs: The micro:bit has 25 individually-programmable LEDs on its board, allowing you to display text, numbers, and images.
  • 2 programmable buttons: There are two buttons on the front of the micro:bit (labelled A and B). You can detect when these buttons are pressed, allowing you to trigger code on the device.
  • Physical connection pins: The microbit has 25 external connectors on the edge connector, which we refer to as 'pins'. You can program motors, LEDs, or other electrical components with these pins, or connect extra sensors to control your code!
  • Light sensor: By reversing the LEDs of the screen to become an input, the LED screen works as a basic light sensor, allowing you to detect ambient light.
  • Temperature sensor: This sensor allows the micro bit to detect the current temperature of the device, in degrees and Celsius.
  • Accelerometer: An accelerometer measures the acceleration of your micro:bit; this component senses when the micro:bit is moved. It can also detect other actions, e.g. shake, tilt, and free-fall.
  • Wireless Communication, via Radio: The micro:bit has a radio feature which allows you to communicate wirelessly between microbits. Use the radio to send messages to other microbits, build multiplayer games, and much more!
  • Wireless Communication, via Bluetooth: BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) allows the micro:bit to control phones and tablets over Bluetooth. This communication works both ways, so you can also send code to your micro:bit wirelessly from your phone using one of our apps. Other apps, such as Swift Playgrounds and Scratch, use Bluetooth to talk to the micro:bit.
  • USB interface: The USB interface allows you to connect the micro:bit to your computer via a micro-USB cable, which will power the device and allow you to download programs onto the micro:bit.

BBC micro:bit Comparison


BBC micro:bit v2.21

BBC micro:bit v2.21 GO

BBC micro:bit v2.21 EX

  BBC micro:bit V2.21 Single BBC micro:bit V2.21 GO BBC micro:bit V2.21 EX
micro:bit v2.21 board Yes Yes Yes
USB cable No Yes (30cm) Yes (100cm)
Battery cage No Yes (without on/off switch) Yes (with on/off switch)
Batteries No 2x AAA 4x AAA

Save with micro:bit Bundles!

BBC micro:bit v2 Single (Board Only - Bulk Packaging) - 10 Pack
BBC micro:bit v2 Single (Board Only - Bulk Packaging) - 10 Pack

BBC micro:bit v2.21 Board Only (Bulk Packaging) - 10 Pack

$261.25 inc GST
BBC micro:bit v2 GO - CLUB 10 Pack
BBC micro:bit v2 GO - CLUB 10 Pack

BBC micro:bit v2.21 GO - CLUB 10 Pack

$284.90 inc GST
BBC micro:bit v2 EX (Bulk Packaging) - 10 Pack
BBC micro:bit v2 EX (Bulk Packaging) - 10 Pack

BBC micro:bit v2.21 EX (Bulk Packaging) - 10 Pack

$358.60 inc GST
$313.50 inc GST

micro:bit Projects, Kits & Accessories

You can do a lot with a BBC microbit but you can do so much more when you combine it with a microbit project kit and accessories. We've carefully selected project kits and accessories from world leading manufactures including 4tronix, DF Robot, Elecfreaks, Kitronik, Monk Makes, Seeed and Sparkfun to create a one stop shop for you.

FREE Resources for the BBC micro:bit

The BBC micro:bit has been developed and supported worldwide by the Micro:bit Educational Foundation whose aim is to “inspire every child to create their best digital future”. The micro:bit foundation in collaboration with educators around the world have created a strong, supportive community where teaches and educators have free access to lessons, projects and technical support.

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