Being big fans of Guardians of the Galaxy, we thought we'd celebrate the release of the 3rd volume by printing Baby Groot on the latest release from Flashforge the Guider 3.

The Guider 3 boasts faster printing times due to it's core xy structure design, so we put it to the test by printing two Baby Groots that are both 16cm tall and 13cm wide at it's default fast and fine settings in FlashPrint then compared the differences.

3D Printed Groot

Fast Print Settings
(5hr 46min)

Groot Head - Fast Settings

Groot Arm - Fast Settings

Groot Body - Fast Settings

Fine Print Settings
(7hr 54min)

Groot Head - Fine Settings

Groot Arm - Fine Settings

Groot Body - Fine Settings

As you can see in the images above, when printing at fast speeds layer lines are more visible, details are less prominient and the surface has a slightly bumpy finish. When printing with fine settings the layer lines are less visible, details are more prominent and the surface has a smooth finish.

In our opinion, when prototyping the fast setting is more then adequate saving you almost 2 hours of print time or 35%!

Is it Worth Upgrading to the Guider 3?

In the video below, we put the Flashforge Guider IIs V2 & the new Flashforge Guider 3 head to head and compared the differences between the two printers to answer this question.

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