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TTS Blue-Bot V2

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Introducing Blue-Bot V2, the Bluetooth floor robot Welcome to the future of programming in the classroom! Blue-Bot is our brand new addition to the floor robot family.

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Sorry, still no ETA on Blue-Bot but don't despair.
Now there's something better, Tale-Bot!

Matatalab Tale-Bot Pro Robot vs TTS Bee-Bot

Product Name Product Image Price (inc GST) Colour Coded Buttons Repeat Sequence Button Voice Commands Dance Button Max Commands Lessons
Matatalab Tale-Bot Pro Matatalab Tale-Bot Pro Robot $174.90 AUD Yes Yes Yes Yes 256 42
TTS Blue-Bot TTS Blue-Bot $239.00 AUD No No No No 200 0

Introducing Blue-Bot V2, the Bluetooth floor robot Welcome to the future of programming in the classroom! Blue-Bot is our brand new addition to the floor robot family. This innovative Bluetooth robot can be controlled using a tablet or PC/Mac whereby you create your program on screen, send it remotely and see Blue-Bot V2 perform your program right before your very eyes! With a clear shell, children can see inside Blue-Bot and understand which components perform which duties, for example, where is the power stored?

You can still use Blue-Bot like a normal Bee-Bot and program it using the buttons on the robot. However, Blue-Bot is now capable of connection to tablets, PCs and Macs, allowing you to take the programming much further. Download the free iOS/Android app to connect to tablets, or download the Windows and Mac software below to connect to your desktop.

Using the app, BlueBot can now perform 45 degree turns alongside the traditional 90 degree turns which means children can program Blue-Bot to draw a variety of different shapes. The app has an explore mode which allows children to explore the wonders of programming whilst the challenges mode presents puzzles for the children to complete. You can still use BlueBot like your normal Bee-Bot, by programming on the robot itself. You can use your existing Bee-Bot mats with Blue-Bot and have an image of the mats on screen so you can replicate your program in real life. We have made classroom management as easy as possible by allowing you to rename each and every Blue-Bot to give it its own character. 


  • Blue-Bot has a clear shell, which makes it possible to see the components inside Blue-Bot. Children can see its buzz!
  • Tablet or PC controlled floor robot
  • Program on the robot itself, or use the Blue-Bot app to program from a distance
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Capable of performing 45 degree turns and you can also include repetitions in your algorithm
  • Rechargeable and fits on the standard Bee-Bot Docking Stations (sold separately).
  • USB cable provided for recharging
  • Compatible with your existing Bee-Bot mats
  • Cross-curricular learning tool
TTS Blue-Bot GIF


Blue-Bot App

The app enables you to write an algorithm, send it and then Blue-Bot will follow your instructions. Blue-Bot helps you code, debug and simulate algorithms. There are numerous features, which make writing algorithms both fun and educational.

  • Step by step programming
  • Instructions are added to the list and once happy place Blue-Bot back at the start and press go
  • Drag and drop programming. Just drag your instructions into the left hand bar to save Include repeats to make things even more fun
  • Program 45 degree turns
  • Challenge mode will add complexity into the algorithm
  • One or even two directional buttons can be removed. Random instructions can be generated, you must predict which square Blue-Bot will end up.
  • Blue-Bot will add random obstacles, adding complexity to the algorithm needed
  • Children can also record themselves saying a command and can assign it to a button on Blue-Bot. As the algorithm progresses, they will hear themselves giving the instructions.
TTS Blue-Bot Apps
Download on the App Store  Get it on Google Play

The app allows you to select a Bee-Bot mat that you may already have, so you can replicate what’s on screen in real life! There are 2 Mode settings, the explore mode and the challenge mode:

Explore Mode

  • Step by step programming When a button is pressed, Blue-Bot will move and the instruction will be added to the list. Once you’re happy with the algorithm, place Blue-Bot back at the start point and press go!
  • Drag and Drop programming Choose your instructions for Blue-Bot and drag them into the algorithm bar on the left. If you have spotted an error then quite simply drag the instruction out that you do not want anymore.
  • Repeats Blue-Bot app features the option to include repeats in your program to make it even more efficient!
  • 45 degree turns Blue-Bot can be programmed to make 45 degree turns left and right. How many shapes can the children draw with Blue-Bot?

Challenge Mode

  • Obstacles Blue-Bot app will randomly put obstacles on the on-screen mat for Blue-Bot to navigate around, adding complexity to the program.
  • Fewer Buttons In this challenge the app will remove one or two directional buttons. Can BlueBot still get to where it needs to be by using just left and forward, for example?
  • Random Instructions With this challenge you will be presented with a list of instructions for BlueBot and based on this you must predict which square Blue-Bot will end up.

Extra Features
You can choose to remove some of the Blue-Bots buttons to make it more challenging to program. Blue-Bots can be renamed on the app to make classroom management of multiple Blue-Bots easy. Children can record themselves saying a command and can assign it to a button on Blue-Bot. As the algorithm goes through its cycle, children can hear themselves saying the instructions as it cycles through the program

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