Today we decided to push the Flashforge Adventurer 5M Pro to its limit, well speed limit that is.

The Adventurer 5M Pro comes preloaded with a high speed custom Benchy which takes 14 minutes and 19 seconds to print, now this is quite a fast Benchy already as a Benchy printed on an Adventurer 3 or 4 takes nearly an hour and a half to print. We wanted to see if we could push the Adventurer 5M Pro further and print it faster.

To do so the first thing to do was copy the presliced file onto a USB and open it in a notepad on a computer. This allows us to view the gcode and make any adjustments we like. In this case I simply wanted to change the bed temperature as by default the file is sliced with a 35 degree bed temperature which just isn't hot enough in my opinion to allow the PLA to adhere properly.

Now we could also manually change the speed inside the gcode here, however that is a lot of code to go through and change. Plus there is also a simplier way which can be done directly on the printer itself.

To increase the speed on the printer itself all you need to do is;

  • First start a print (in this case the file we just edited)

Edited Benchy

  • Next press the info button

  • Then edit in the top right

  • And change the speed from 100% up to the max 150%.

150% Speed

12min Benchy

While pushing the printer to its speed limit we also wanted to test if regular PLA Pro and PLA Silk could print at the same speed at PLA HS. Below you will see our results.


PLA HS Benchy Side Profile

PLA Pro Benchy Side Profile

PLA Silk Benchy Side Profile

PLA HS Benchy Front Profile

PLA Pro Benchy Front Profile

PLA Silk Benchy Front Profile

Overall we are very impressed with the fiaments as they all printed a successful Benchy in an outstanding 12 minutes! Which is a 15% speed increase when compared to the original presliced file.

PLA HS is definitely the cleanest looking Benchy followed by PLA Pro and PLA Silk, however I do believe that with some more fine tuning of the gcode you may be able to achieve better results using PLA Pro and PLA Silk.

If you are looking to pump out a quick prototype and the finish doesn't matter that much then from these tests I think it's safe to say that you can use pretty much any PLA filament, however if you want the best possible finish at the highest speed then use PLA HS.