Today we finally got our hands on the Kai's Clan Starter 4 Pack and with this we were able to dive into one of my personal favourite coding experiences of all time.

Before I get into the nitty gritty of coding let's talk about the setup, which at times can be troublesome with other products. The Kai's Clan Starter 4 Pack was surprisingly easy to setup for a product that offers so much. It only required a few moments of our time to watch the setup video and then work through the quick start guide to setup and begin coding the robots. The robots come pre-charged and are ready to go off and adventure on the included Rescue Run Adventure AR/VR Mat.
Kai's Clan Demo

Kai's Clan is well supported by ready to use online projects developed by teachers and students for all levels of expertise. The projects are categorised into three levels of coding, Junior, Intermediate and Advanced.
Kai's Clan Activities

Nitty gritty time! Kai's Clan uses an online web-based app called Kai's Clan Blockly. Blockly coding is a drag and drop based programming language. It is one of the most basic forms of coding.

The Kai's Clan Blockly interface was intuitive and very easy to follow. It has a fantastic way of introducing newcommers to coding by splitting the coding blocks into two segments, newbie and expert. This keeps some of the more comprehensive and complex coding options out of the way allowing you to learn the basics easier and quicker.
Kai's Clan Example Code

In conclusion I thoroughly enjoyed my first hands on experience with this product and I look forward to learning and experimenting more with it.