Today I got my hands on a product that I have been very excited to take a look at the YoloBox Pro. Now the reason I am so excited to take a look at this product is because it claims to be a portable live streaming studio, and if this product can do all it claims then it may just change the streaming and portable video production game forever.

First Impressions

The YoloBox Pro is similar in size to a tablet but thicker containing a large array of ports on the side.

YoloBox Pro Rear IO (Ports)YoloBox Pro Front IO (Ports)

These ports include;

  • 3x HDMI In (Video input)
  • 1x USB In (Video input)
  • 1x Ethernet
  • 1x HDMI Out (Video output)
  • 1x USB Type C 3.0
  • 1x Audio Out (3.5mm)
  • 1x MIC In (3.5mm)
  • 1x USB Type C (Power)
  • 1x SD Card
  • 1x SIM Card

Now for a streamer like me the thought of having a portable streaming setup with multiple HDMI ports and separate audio tracks sounds like a dream come true.

The YoloBox Pro also has some big features such as Picture in Picture, Chroma Key/Green Screen, Built-in Scoreboard and my personal favourite restream.

Having the ability to stream to multiple platforms in 1080p using the YoloLIV platform is a massive feature that I think many streamers will be interested in. The YoloBox Pro allows you to stream to a maximum of 3 platforms simultaneously and has Facebook, Twitch & YouTube directly intergrated into it allowing you to simply login to the platform and stream.

Yolobox Pro Multistream

Now you may be thinking "does multistreaming require a larger bitrate?" surprisingly the answer is no. I was able to stream to both my personal YouTube channel and Twitch at the same time in 1080p quality with a bitrate of roughly 5000kbps.

I haven't currently been able to stream using my sim card however I am already quite impressed with this product and the portable streaming and video production possibilities that come with it.

I will be writing a few more blogs about this product, it's capabilities and my findings in the near future so stay tuned!

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