Over the past couple of weeks I've been testing out the YoloBox Pro, one of the newest portable streaming products to enter the streaming scene. In my time using this device I've become aware of the vast range of possibilities that this product can bring to streamers and content creators with the biggest advantage being its portability.

If you haven't read my "The Future of Portable Video Production and Live Streaming?" blog then I would suggest reading that first as I go over some of the great features this product has as well as the inputs on the device.

Now back to the why?

The reason why I believe this product is the future of streaming is due to its portability. Streaming as a whole has become more and more oversaturated through the years and if you want any chance to be seen and grow in the streaming scene then you need to be original and do something different to the majority of streamers.

For example, if you were a fitness streamer or even a personal trainer/fitness coach you could utilise the portability of this device and take your next stream to a beach or even a park, providing your stream with a more interesting environment and therefore a better and unique experience.

I could also see this product being used by artists and musicians. You could be outside painting a picture of the sunset in front of you or you could even be streaming a live performance to your fans from a pub or anywhere for that matter.

The possibilities are endless and in my next blog I will be focusing on whether the YoloBox Pro is suitable for education and where it can be used.